The 4 Best Weight Loss Trends for 2014

People will do some crazy things to lose weight this year (fasting every other day, juicing long-term, etc.). The good news? You don’t have to. Try these 2014 weight loss trends that will help you shed the extra pounds, without the extra drama!

best weight loss trends

1. Best Book-Based Diets

Hundreds of books on weight loss trends come out every year, but most teach insane crash diets. Luckily, for every ten bad plans, there’s one good one. Take The Doctor’s Diet for example: Dr. Travis Stork gives readers two weeks to learn healthy habits and recipes, then offers reasonable tips to keep the weight off throughout the year. For emotional eaters out there, a different perspective from The Daniel Plan encourages readers to look at the emotional, mental, and spiritual reasons for their unhealthy eating. It then helps emotional eaters come up with life goals that will curb bad habits. Looking for a book written by a reputable source? Check out The Mayo Clinic Diet, which teaches readers how to lose 6-10 pounds in 2 weeks, then how to maintain a healthy weight loss trend and lifestyle thereafter. best weight loss trends

2. Best Weight Loss Trends-Exercise

2014 will be the year of assisted workouts and lifestyle changes. predicts that high intensity interval training workouts like CrossFit and P90X will rule the fitness world with their super-tough, 30-minute classes. And, as fitness certification has become a very popular career choice, working with a trainer alone or in a group is now more accessible and more common. Yoga will retain its popularity this year, and expect to see more fitness classes aimed at retirement-aged people. As the US health care system continues to change, American employers and insurance companies are looking to the individual to take steps towards keeping themselves fit and disease-free: ask about reward programs if you’re avid about your health.

3. Best Single-Food Plans

2013 was the year of kale. Luckily for kale lovers, your grocery stores will stay stocked with the stuff because the kale-revolution is not over. Still popular also are elimination-focused diets like gluten-free and wheat-free meal plans. 2014 will feature cauliflower and quinoa everywhere, bone broths, and chia seeds—which are coming back into style with a vengeance. Subbing out fats with healthy coconut oil will reign supreme; so if you have been using it to treat your hair, move that tub of coconut oil from your bathroom back to your kitchen.

4. Best Weight Loss Trends-Lifestyle Changes

Partying without liquor is a growing trend in England. Starting with London’s dry bar “Redemption,” alcohol-free bars and clubs are popping up around the UK. Another healthy trend is sleeping more; sleep is more important than ever when it comes to weight loss—research has proven the glymphatic system, which is a large part of your metabolism, is only active when asleep. Standing desks have also made their way into the workplace. Some sources claim sitting for one hour will take 22 minutes off of your life (that’s more than a cigarette!). But standing and treadmill desks keep you upright, and your metabolism going all day.

best weight loss trends

Extra-Body Wraps

And don’t forget about body wrapping, which will continue to be a great addition to your weight loss plan. Simply wrap the fabric around a cellulite problem area for 45 minutes and instantly see results. You can purchase a body wrap in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and even online if you live in a small town. Of course,weight loss trends will come and go, and the real key to long-term weight loss is making a plan you can stick to; but trying new trends to lose weight can make the process a lot more fun!   Author Byline:  Chris Miller is a professional writer, blogger, and English grammar enthusiast. Chris enjoys learning about new health products, procedures, and ideas, such as body wraps like those at Crazy Wrap Life.