A cheat-sheet course in losing weight fast

His given name is Mehmet Cengiz Öz, but you know the Turkish-born heart surgeon as “Dr. Oz.” Co-produced by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios, The Dr. Oz Show is one of the most popular daytime television shows in America. Many internet marketing companies focus on offering products Dr. Oz mentions each week – and while he doesn’t endorse specific brands – Dr. Oz does recommend a special method for losing weight fast: The 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan.

Wheat Belly, by William Davis, M.D.

Dr. Davis says more than 80% of the patients he sees in his cardiology practice are diabetic or pre-diabetic.  In an attempt to bring down blood sugar levels, he directed patients to stop using wheat. Davis says foods based on wheat flour (even whole grain flour) push blood sugar higher than almost any other food – even more than pure sugar. What he found, though, was that cutting wheat from the diet provided many more benefits than expected. Patients lost weight and their overall health tended to improve dramatically. Two breads that do not increase your insulin as much are Pumpernickel and Rye.

Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, M.D.

A neurologist by trade, Dr. Perlmutter says our modern agricultural methods have transformed grains into antagonists that destroy mental capacity and make people sick. He advocates a gluten-free diet and a drastic reduction in carbohydrate intake.

The Ultrasimple Diet, by Mark Hyman, M.D.

Dr. Hyman says his book isn’t about a “diet,” but about a health program. To lose weight, you need to get healthier. Weight loss is a natural consequence of vitality. Obesity is a symptom of an underlying problem: poor nutrition. By attacking the two primary enemies of health – toxicity and inflammation – one can restore a healthy internal balance and get down to a realistic weight.

A cheat-sheet course in losing weight fast

You can watch the multipart video series about The 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan to find out all the particulars. For a short-course in what the diet looks like, though, let’s consider the list of foods Dr. Oz says to avoid … and why.

losing weight fast

No wheat at all, and no gluten

Foods NOT to eat (get rid of the foods making you “sick and fat”)


Cut back drastically. No wheat at all, and no gluten. You may enjoy a half cup of brown rice each day, and you may use rice protein powder as a supplement. Wheat doesn’t fill you up … it makes you want more food.


No artificial sweeteners and no white sugar. Drop the diet soda plan. It doesn’t work. Artificial sweeteners cause you to gain weight, not lose it. Getting started may be tough, but most folks find the jitters go away after a few days. Alcohol is a sugar. Drop it too.


Oz digs down to the basics with this one. Many folks (me included) start the day with coffee. It is an integral part of both waking up and bowel movements. Once again, the cravings and headaches will pass after a few days. Substitute with green tea. Coffee is a trigger food, making you want to eat other foods you don’t need.


Drop milk, cheese, and the rest. One exception is Greek yogurt – the calcium helps trigger the process that releases stored fat.

losing weight fast

You can call fruits and veggies, grazing foods

Foods to eat for rapid weight loss

In addition to Greek yogurt, typical allowed foods include a small portion of white meat or fish each day for a protein boost, a serving each day of brown rice supplies fiber and helps keep you satiated, green tea replaces coffee and helps burn fat. Good dietary fats, like avocado oil or olive oil, are recommended, as are healthy snacks (nuts, pickles, or humus). These basic foods provide a well-rounded buffet for the day.

The secret weapon, though, is unlimited access to low-glycemic vegetables. A special smoothie (there’s another good reason to get that Vitamix) and a detox vegetable broth top off the plan. Other than a daily multivitamin, no other supplements [or other] nutritional add-ons are mentioned.

In his own trial, with volunteers from the television audience, the average participant lost nine pounds, and many reached double-digit weight loss in 14 days.

Is losing weight fast a good idea for you?

As with all radical changes to diet, those who are under a doctor’s care should definitely seek advice. Beyond that, the Dr. Oz plan is definitely NOT a starvation plan, and it doesn’t include any exotic or unusual foods. It is a conservative and simple approach to losing weight, and it could be the program you and I can finally hold on to.

The only real question is how badly do you want to turn things around? Are you ready to take a stand, put in the effort, and get going in a healthier direction?

Our primary enemy is “later.” After all, that birthday or holiday is coming up. There is a special event scheduled soon that will require eating plenty of dessert and drinking things you know you shouldn’t touch. Those excuses, and plenty more, are on a revolving platter … they will never go away. Circumstances are seldom perfect.

It’s up to you.

If you want help, just let us know in the comments below. Together, we CAN lose weight and regain lost health … if we try.

Author Abel Cane concentrates on health and fitness topics. He loves hiking in the Cascade Mountains and using as many home-grown or home-made foods as he can. Hook up with Abel via Twitter @getgonegut.