Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

It’s a well-worn cliché, but breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day for nutrition, but also for trying to lose weight. It seems counter-intuitive, but those who eat breakfast every day tend to be leaner, fitter and have more energy throughout the day, so skipping your morning meal is anything but a fast track to dietary success. According to studies, regular breakfasters are also more likely to exercise frequently, and consume fewer calories throughout the day. So what should you be munching on with your morning coffee?

Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

Protein builds muscle…muscle burns fat.

Protein for Power

Breakfast is the best time to round on your day’s protein allowance. Eggs are the obvious choice – whether scrambled on a whole wheat muffin, or boiled with soldiers, they’ll fill you up and give you the energy you need until lunch. However, eggs are rich in cholesterol, so avoid having them every day, or opt for egg-white omelets which cut down on cholesterol, which is found primarily in the yolk.

However, if you are not  a huge fan of eggs, there are other brilliant and tasty ways you can augment your protein intake. A spoonful of peanut butter on a celery stick with a few sultanas makes for a brilliant breakfast snack. But if you’re feeling hungrier for more than a snack, a dollop of Greek yogurt with nuts and some chocolate protein powder will stifle those morning hunger pains. Adding a sprinkling of cheese or some avocado are great protein additions if you’re going for a breakfast wrap in the AM. Or, if you’re rushing out the door, grab a scoop of protein in a shaker that you can take with you on your way to work, or the gym or to meet friends, that way, you’ll have no excuse for missing breakfast.

Fill up on Fiber

Most people don’t actually eat the amount of dietary fiber they need, although it’s crucial for lowering cholesterol and keeping your blood sugar levels tip-top. Whole wheat, grains and cereals are all great sources of fiber, and easy to incorporate into a balanced breakfast. Enjoy a bowl of high fiber cereal with a sprinkling of chopped walnuts, almonds or pecans for an added protein boost. Or on colder days, enjoy oatmeal with some warmed skimmed milk, a swirl of natural honey and a handful of blueberries. Switch your white bread and pastries for wholemeal bread, and your regular cereal for bran flakes. Just remember to go easy on spreads and sweeteners.

Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

most fruits are negative calories. It takes more calories to burn fruit than the calories in them.

Boost your fruit Intake

A target of five portions of fruit or vegetables a day becomes easily attainable if you blitz one or two at breakfast. Sling leftover veggies into your morning scrambled eggs. Stir a handful of strawberries into your morning cereal. Make it a part of your routine to crunch on an apple on the way to work. The veggies will help with your digestion and vitamin intake, and fruit is full of good sugars, which, when eaten in moderation, can really cut some of those sweet-tooth cravings we’re all susceptible to from time to time. Before you know it, you’ll be glowing – and it’s a great way to fill up on low calorie, high fiber food.

Get your metabolism going in the morning by eating breakfast and you’ll start to see results in your weight loss program.

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