Diet Right to Keep the Weight Off This Summer



Summertime is finally upon us! Which means barbeques, fresh fruit, and cold treats are all in season. If you want to keep your body swimsuit-ready throughout this time of year, make sure to watch what you eat. Luckily you don’t have to avoid barbeques or miss out on treats from the ice cream truck. Follow these  dieting tips to keep the weight off this summer.

Choose Healthy Options at a Barbecue

If you are attending a BYOM (bring your own meat) barbecue, you obviously have complete control over what you choose to eat. You are free to bring a tofu or veggie burger if that’s your thing. Or you can choose healthier meat options like lean cuts or even fish. Here are more tips to keep in mind:

    • Choose lighter meats like chicken instead of red meats like beef.
    • Barbecue sauce is usually loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup: find a different sauce to top your meat with.
    • Avoid piling your plate with sides. Even if you are eating a steak grilled to perfection, it will still be healthier than popular barbeque extras like pasta salad, greasy potato chips, and hot dogs slathered in fake cheese.
    • Bring vegetables to grill up and eat as sides instead.

 Eat More Fresh Produce to keep the weight off

Summer is the time when many fruits and vegetables are in season. Take advantage of this by incorporating more fresh produce in your menu. If you have a hard time getting yourself to eat produce, make it a goal to try one new fruit or vegetable a week. Who knows—you might find something you never knew you enjoyed!

If you have a ravenous sweet tooth, smoothies are a perfect strategy—they are full of fruit’s natural sugar, they are cool and refreshing, and they are healthy. If you aren’t eating enough vegetables (and let’s be honest—who is?) try the green smoothies that have been growing in popularity in the fitness world.

Keep up the Exercise to keep the weight off


keep the weight off

exercise is a good way to maintain your weight and muscle tone. Make exercise a part of your weight loss.

If you are trying to lose weight (or keep yourself from gaining weight back), eating all the right foods is almost a waste of time unless you are supplementing it with regular exercise. If you are having a hard time committing to a regular exercise routine, it may be time to find an activity you actually look forward to doing.

Anything that increases your heart rate is considered exercise. If you love playing a sport, find a local team to join. If you like dancing, take a dance class. If you take the kids to the pool three times a week to play, get some laps in during the adult swim breaks. Exercise does not only mean running or biking—the more creative you are with your exercise, the more likely you will be to keep up a regular routine.

Keep Splurges to Social Gatherings

What situations make it hard for you to keep the weight off? For many, social gatherings make dieting hard because you typically have no control over which foods are going to be served. It’s impolite to go to a dinner party or a barbecue and then refuse to eat. So what should you do?

It’s not only acceptable to allow yourself to “cheat” on your diet occasionally; it can also help you lose weight. When you give your body some time off from its dietary restrictions, it gives you a mental break and allows you to indulge in food you love. Going off your diet can also stimulate your thyroid gland and jump-start your metabolism.

Treat social gatherings as your “cheat days,” and be sure to stick to your diet whenever you are at home or choosing your own menu options.


You can achieve your weight loss in many different ways. Once you lose any extra weight you have, use these tips to keep the weight off. To keep your body swimsuit-ready at all times, feed your body the nutrients it needs to keep it looking healthy. Supplement your diet with things like vitamins or wraps from Crazy Wrap Life to help your body get more of the nutrients it needs. Eat right, exercise, and enjoy your summer!