How Fat Destroys Your Health

Most people who want to lose weight do so for reasons related to appearances. However, mounting evidence suggests that excess body fat does a lot more than look bad. In many cases, carrying around excess baggage actually destroys your health.

 fat destroys your health


 Your Body Fat Has a Mind of Its Own

Alright, so that sounds a little bit like overkill. The thing is, its very nearly true. In the past few years, scientific research has produced evidence of a profoundgut instinctthat actually governs the way that we eat.

For overweight persons, body fat actually operates as the biggest organ on the body, and it even works to maintain that status.

Some scientists are even pointing to agut brain, which consists of some 500 million nerve cells (as many as are found in a small mammals brain.) These nerve cells govern muscular contractions in the stomach, and theyre also in charge of secreting certain inhibitors and hormonesthe very ones that make you want to eat.

fat destroys your health

Wow.. Is this an eye opener! How much would 20 lbs of fat look like?

In other words, fatty tissue operates as a type of endocrine system. It does a lot more than store energy. It actually prompts you to feel hungry and add extra layers of fat that destroys your health, to your body mass index (BMI).

The more fat you accumulate, the more desensitised you become to leptin, which is a hormone that essentially makes you feel satisfied with the amount of food youve consumed.

Body fat prefers the company of more fatty tissue. In so many words, overweight persons become victims of a systematic conspiracy thats being carried out right under their noses.

How Fat Destroys Your Health

Many people are quick to cite the role that genetics plays in their proclivity to put on weight. While there certainly are genetic factors at play here, there is no getting around the fact that weight gain is directly related to the amount of calories that you consume versus the number that you burn.

People who do struggle with a genetic predisposition to put on weight may want to buy xenical in the UK. This drug blocks the uptake of fat in the diet. However, it is not intended as a substitute for a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Rather, it merely serves to complement these positive lifestyle choices.

Anyone interested in using a pharmaceutical tool to combat weight is highly advised to consult their doctor first. 

Risks Associated with Obesity

First of all, it needs to be acknowledged that were talking about obesity and not just afew extra pounds. In fact, many studies have revealed that its healthier to be slightly overweight than slightly underweight. The operative word here isslightly.

But when your BMI exceeds 30, the fatty tissue that you have accumulated starts plotting against you on a grand scale. Excess BMI is associated with a host of health problems, including dramatically increased risk for stroke, heart attack and adult-onset diabetes. These are diseases that end a persons life well before scheduled. They are, in so many words, preventable killers.

fat destroys your health

Be kind to your heart. You have to be together the rest of your life.

One of the highest-risk types of fatty tissue that destroys your health is belly fat. Men are at particularly high risk for this type of fat, only because womens bodies tend to store extra fatty tissue below the waist rather than around it.

Heres the problem: belly fat (also calledvisceral fat) surrounds many of the most vital organs in a persons body. Fat that accumulates in other parts of the body is known as subcutaneous fat, which is a fancy way of saying that it accumulates underneath the skin.

However, belly fat is able to pile on the layersone after anotherand this dramatically increases the risk of contracting obesity-related conditions.

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