How to Reduce Double Chin Fat

 Double Chin Fat

Have you ever had your picture taken only to witness two to three extra chins on your face? Double chin fat is sign of excess body fat and a need to lose weight. If your face is naturally round in shape, you may be prone to some extra storage beneath your chin. There are unfortunately no immediate cures but through smart diet and exercising the double chin fat can be reduced.

Fat-Reducing Foods

Foods are important when trying to lose weight. There are foods that lead to weight loss while other pack on the pounds and excess fat rolls. Carbohydrates, if eaten in large quantities, and the wrong kinds can lead to puffiness in the face and weight gain over time. Bad carbohydrates include foods made from refined white flower and sugars.

Sticking with low fat dairy food sources are a great strategy for losing weight. Low fat milk and yogurt are rich in calcium and provide excellent snacks. Both foods are high in protein and low in fat.

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Moving away from foods that are high in saturated fats and incorporating unsaturated fats can be great for your metabolism and fat loss. Say goodbye to fried foods and welcome olives, olive oil, raw nuts and salmon. Saturated fats will also keep you satisfied for longer periods of time while following a weight loss meal plan.

Eating the right carbohydrates can also improve your energy and mental health. Keeping a positive outlook can help reduce wrinkles and lines on the face. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables brings a whole new perspective on your health.

Exercises that Reduce Fat

Cardio and strength training are the most effective ways to reduce fat and gain muscle overall. Four to five hours of cardio exercise per week is a great way to reduce fat while strength training causes muscles to grow and help burn fat even more.

Strength training also improves the metabolism by increasing its functionality. Yoga and Pilates are also effective strength training exercises.

Facial Toning Exercises

Facial toning exercises can be done to tighten up the muscles in your face but no hard evidence has been found that doing these exercises alone will cause a reduction in double chin issues. The jury is still out on whether the exercises are effective.

It is best to do the exercises when no one is watching because the process looks amusing. One such toning exercise is to stick out your lower lip and scoop it over your top lip while holding it for ten seconds and repeating the process 30 times a day.

Hydrating to Reduce Double Chin Size

When you retain water, one of the first places it shows is on your face. Diets rich in sodium and sugary carbohydrates cause bloating and can give the appearance of a double and even triple chin. When you are bloating and retaining water, the best thing to do is consume water.

Sodium causes an inflammation in the body and causes fluids to be retained. If you drink ample amounts of water you will flush the sodium out through dilution and eliminate bloating.

During seasons of warm weather it is very important to drink more water. Doctors recommend that the average person should consume at least eight to ten glasses of water per day. If you experience puffy face and hands, increase the daily intake by an additional two to three glasses.