How Yoga for Weight Loss Is Helpful


Yoga is a practice that has been developing over the years for a long time now. It is a very important tool that is known to help body, mind and spirit. It is a practice that incorporates various body moves or postures. It has gained very huge popularity due to its efficiency and also the fact that it can be practiced by any person. Adding body weight simply means that more fat is being stored other than being utilized to give energy. Here are some ways that Yoga for weight loss is helpful.

yoga for weight loss

Doing Yoga for weight loss can be very stimulating and rewarding.

1. Stimulates Liver Function:

Yoga stimulate good liver function well functioning liver will help in detoxification, cleansing the whole body and also purify the blood. This will make it easy to process both bad and good fats. The liver will then be able to dispose of bad fats and allow the body to utilize the good fats. By this, excess and bad fat will not be allowed to accumulate in the body to add weight on you.

The liver is able to store enough glucose to power the muscles by converting the present fats to glucose or glycogen. This will significantly reduce the fat levels in your body and also prevent accumulation of more fats. Bhujangasana and Dhanurasana are the best postures for this


2. Creating the right pH balance:

•pH balance is simply the amount of acids or the acid levels in the body. It should always be maintained at a balanced level.

•lf the body is too acidic, then the body will protect itself by storing more fats to be used as a buffer. This will in turn increase the weight of your body significantly and it also becomes very difficult for the heart to circulate blood.

•By practicing good yoga for weight loss, like head to knee pose, you will maintain your pH balance at 7.35 which the normal level. Note the many people who struggle with weight problems are very acidic.

yoga for weight loss

Yoga for weight loss with a group will keep you on tract to reach your goals.

3. Activating Thyroid gland:

Thyroid glands are very important component of the body since they secrete hormones that regulate metabolism by activating these glands, the metabolism rate is highly increased leading to burning of more fats. This will reduce the fat content in the body significantly, and  help you in your  yoga for weight loss program.

• It is worth noting that, many people with weight issues suffers from the Hypothyroidism which is responsible for low metabolism rate.


4. Activates the internal heat:


Yoga For Weight Loss

By practicing yoga postures, the body will be able to produces its own internal heat due to the internal movements of several muscles. This heat is very important in burning up and also purifying the fat that is stored visceral and subcutaneous layers of the body.

This will see a huge drop in the body weight with time .Postures like the seated forward bend and moving the chin to the chest will help a lot in heating up the spinal nerves to create nerve tension in the whole body.

This will subsequently produce the needed internal heat to burn the fats. These are just few ways that Yoga for weight loss is a good way to lose weight. There are many other ways that will give the same results but it is advisable to see medical expert before to ascertain the cause being overweight. By this, you get the right postures to rectify the problem. Make sure that you have the EHIC card since it will enable you to access the health services easily.