Infographics-Great Weight Loss Diets

If you have finally decided to lose some weight, get into the shape and start developing healthy eating habits you may feel overwhelmed with the variety of weight loss diets available.

Weight Loss Diets

Should you follow one of low carb diets (Zone diet, Paleo or rather controversial Atkins)? What does it mean to be vegan, pescatarian or lacto-ovo vegetarian? What are the benefits of eating only raw food? Should you go with that popular diet advertised on TV or the one your friend claims to help her?

Choosing Your Weight Loss Diets

Before choosing a diet you should learn about it as much as possible. No wonder why it said that good decisions come with knowledge. The infographic presents the ways to lose weight and provides the analysis of each method so that a person would have an idea of each discussed method. The infographic not only overviews diets but also shows how much calories a person can burn in one hour cycling, running, doing aerobics, playing football or basketball.

Obesity Surgery

However, if all traditional weight loss methods have failed, a person may have to consider obesity surgery. The most common are gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon and gastric band. Learn about each of them. The goal of the infographic is to present options a person has in a battle against excess weight and to help achieve success in his or her quest for healthier and happier self.

Infographic How to lose weight?