Obvious Facts Link Soft Drink Consumption to Obesity

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The consumption of sugary soft drinks has been on a rise since the last a few decades, and the market presents a range of sugary drinks with different names and they are divided into different categories such a soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks etc.

All these drinks are present in the market with high claims to do wonders, but in real what they do is quite horrible. The popularity of these drinks was increased in the past decade, and this popularity has increased the rate of obesity in different parts of the world as well.

The Reality about Juice

There are many juices available in the market a fresh juice; however they are not completely fresh as they contain certain additives, preservatives and added sugar. There is a misconception among parents that they think juice is an essential part of a child’s diet, but in real what juice does is to make the children feel full very soon. When a child feels full the required amount of diet is not eaten by them so nutritional deficiency takes place that leads to various health issues.

The worst part is excess calories cause weight gain with the juice intake so don’t trust the labels claiming fresh juice. Eating fruits is a far better option than juice because they keep the calorie count in control and don’t take part to increase the body weight.https://i0.wp.com/l.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/NpLYnvYBjw5jI5bh1kHq2w--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NTt3PTMxMA--/http://l.yimg.com/os/287/2012/09/17/diet-soda-jpg_140209.jpg?w=630

The Fact about Soft Drinks

All soft drinks are rich in sugar such as fructose is the essential ingredient in all these drinks. A wide range of drinks contain caffeine in them that is not good for the body and is one of the reasons to cause dehydration in the body. The reason due to which these soft drinks cause obesity is that they don’t give the feeling of fullness even after the addition of calories in hundreds into the body.

These calories play a key role to increase the body weight, but do not satisfy the appetite so the calorie intake keep on raising that leads to increased body weight or obesity. Research has shown that till teh19th century the obesity issue was not so intensified, but the 20th century and the obesity rate remain parallel to each other, and the consumption of soft drinks is the responsible for it.

Sad Facts about Soft Drink Consumption

I am going to share some sad facts about the consumption of soft drinks which lead to the increased ratio of obesity. Some of the facts are mentioned below

  • One serving of soft drinks on daily basis increases the risk of obesity especially in children by 60 %.
  • Soft drink consumption has decreased the consumption of milk by 33 % in children and adults in the last 30 years.
  • The size of each soft drink serving is increasing gradually as it was 6.5 oz in the 1950s and now it is 16.2 oz a big amount to increase the number of calories.

All these facts are responsible for the obesity and weight gain so now you don’t have time to think more just stop using soft drinks to stay slim and healthy. Quit the soft drinks completely and you can use a drink that can be easily prepared with the powder of weight loss supplement that contains natural ingredients with natural taste.