Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review


image047clrThis program comes to us from Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst. She is not actually a medical doctor but is a chiropractor. The name seems a little redundant with an overuse of the word secret. This is not a traditional diet and exercise program that explains how to work out and eat right. It shares with people how an unhealthy colon could be the reason they are not losing weight. Her website is one long sales page that follows the format of most sales pages. It details in shockingly graphic photos about all of the worms, and “dirty little critters” that live inside our intestines. She also spends a fair amount of time discrediting the diet and exercise industry as a whole. She claims it is fraudulent and they want nothing more than your money.

The product is a downloadable e-book consisting of about 50 pages of information. Let’s make one thing clear – she is not pitching a colon cleanser pill or potion like many of the websites that look like hers. The website is a bit graphic and not for the squeamish at heart. It has disgusting pictures of internal parasites, worms, and even a video of a worm inside someone’s stomach lining.

Dr. Gudakunst explains that the body builds up fat around vital organs to protect them from toxins building up and harming them. She explains that the signs of this toxic buildup are excess fat around the stomach, hips, thighs, and buttocks. She also details how toxic parasites living in our bodies can make us crave sugary and unhealthy foods leading to more weight gain.

Her solution is to follow her fat loss meal plans that will cleanse your body and rid it of excess toxins and parasites. She says that even people who do not have parasite problems will benefit from the program and get the flat belly of their dreams.

The book details the philosophy behind the parasites and then goes into a list of specific foods to eat to help the body cleanse itself. The foods consist of a healthy variety including whole foods free of preservatives, additives and add-ins. The plans are divided into different metabolic types and comes with information on how to decipher what metabolic type you are.

Dr. Gudakunst offers two different programs: the Pro version that is available for $37 and the Hardcore Elite program for $57. The website says that both prices will go up in seven days but a return to the site still shows the prices to be $37 and $57 respectively.

This e-book has a lot to be desired because it doesn’t back up any of its claims with scientific evidence published in legitimate journals. The web site has the look and feel of a professional sales page that plays to a person’s fears. The product does have a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results.

The program does give some good advice on how to eat a healthy diet but the scare tactics, sales pitch and claims are too outrageous and will turn off savvy consumers who no better than to fall prey to slick marketing tactics like these. She also has other “Secret” products out there concerning other things such as automobiles which makes you wonder how legitimate the product is.