Truth About Abs Review

Truth About Abs Review


Choosing the right diet and exercise program can be overwhelming. The sheer volume of products claiming to be the best makes it hard to distinguish the quality products versus the ones that are bogus. Through this review we share our thoughts on a weight loss diet  program called “Truth About Abs” that was created by certified trainer and nutritionist Mike Geary.

Geary is a nationally renowned trainer, nutritionist and author. He also practices what he preaches and has one of the best physiques you’ll see. When you first pick up his program you’ll quickly find out he is not a proponent of quick fix diets. He claims that diets have not ever worked over the long term and anyone who manages to starve away some stubborn belly fat ends up gaining it back the next month.

His program to lose weight combines a two-pronged attack that teaches people how to eat properly for fat loss and what exercises work best to get a flat belly.

Truth About Abs Nutrition Meal Plans

Geary believes in healthy recipes for weight loss that will ramp up metabolism and help your body burn fat even while resting. Again, he opposes “diets” that are extreme in nature such as no carb, no fat, and the like. Mike Geary has a philosophy that weight loss meal plans and nutrition are lifelong journeys. He explains that he sees so many of his clients yo-yo diet by trying every fad program out there and just end up gaining more weight.

His meal plans for weight loss consists of foods high in nutrients, protein, and quality carbohydrates. There are plenty of great tasting foods to choose from but you have to avoid certain types that have no nutritional value and foods that make your body resistant to fat loss. He shares how to properly read labels so you can be a savvy shopper that won’t fall for deceptive labels.

Mike Geary also explains how cheating on your “diet” is a good thing when done in moderation. He shares how to cheat the right way and not go overboard. His meal plans are easy to follow and you don’t have to be a chef in the kitchen to make them.

Truth About Abs Program for Body Fat Reduction

Mike debunks the myth of spot training and long, boring sessions on the treadmill or bike. He says that after a long session of cardio, even one where you work up a good sweat and burn a lot of calories, you metabolism only increases for a few hours. He then explains that high intensity, whole body strength training workouts yield far greater results. He shares with you how your metabolism stays ramped up for 2-3 days following an intense 45 minute strength training workout.

Mike’s workouts are only 45 minutes in length and should be done 3 times per week. This is great for people who have busy schedules. He also provides at-home workouts for people who do not have access to the gym. He says that those people who have the hard bodies that everyone wants don’t spend hours doing boring cardio. He says that people who tend to do nothing but cardio lose muscle and look like “skinny fat people.” They have no muscle and the fat still hangs there even though the scale says they are not overweight.

The Truth About Abs is a great program for people who want to make a serious change of lifestyle and lose weight the right way. It’s not for people looking for a quick fix. If you’re ready to make a change, put in the work, and change the way you live then this is a great program.